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Brian Honigman is a content marketing consultant & CEO of Honigman Media -- Email:

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Educate, Entertain or Convince: Three Beneficial Approaches to Content

In this article, I'll highlight three beneficial approaches to developing worthwhile content that will drive results. Exceptional content should do any number of the following three things: educate, entertain or convince.

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Determining What Topics to Cover with Your Content Marketing ...

Learn how to choose the right topics to focus your content on to ensure you’re reaching your goals with content marketing.

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Experimenting on New or Niche Social Channels Without Wasting Time

A new social platform “worth trying out” launches every month. While that may be exciting for many social media managers, it also comes with a big challenge: deciding whether to invest time and resources into experimenting with something entirely new while not diverting too much attention away from your existing audiences.

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Influencer Strategies: How to Sync Distribution and Post-Publishing Efforts

Better plan for the distribution of your content before it is published.

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Balancing Planning With Spontaneity on Social Media

Finding a better balance with your use of social media.

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Social Messaging Apps: The Role Brands Can Play

The future of social media is chat and messenger apps. Here's what your business should be thinking about.

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How to Create a Sustainable and Engaging Email Newsletter

This article will show you how to create a sustainable, and consistently engaging email newsletter that drives results and engages your subscribers on a regular basis.

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How to Develop a Content Marketing Rhythm: A Guide for Creating Consistently Great Content

Whether you’re a one person-team or you run a content division, these tips will help you build a sustained content marketing rhythm.

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Tackling Content Marketing on a Budget | Social Media Today

Any organization can use content marketing to move the needle, regardless of their budget.

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The Essential Components of an Effective Content Series

One of the key elements of tackling content marketing for your organization is effective content creation that is part of a consistent series, similar to the idea of a television series.

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How to Expand Your Professional Network Using Content Marketing

Grow your network with content!

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5 Social Brands That Defy Best Practices

However, a few noteworthy social brands seem to have a true understanding of the established standards but ignore them in ways that make sense for their brand and actually enhance their online presence.

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How Being More Self-Aware Can Help Your Brand Succeed on Social Media

Rethinking authenticity with your approach to social media.

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A Practical Guide to Writing an Effective Social Media Policy

This article will outline some practical considerations to have in mind when writing a social media policy for your organization.