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Brian Honigman is a content marketing consultant & CEO of Honigman Media -- Email:

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Digital marketing audit 798x310 article
5 Steps to Audit Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2015

How does your organization regularly analyze the state of your marketing efforts and when was the last time you performed an audit?

Coordinateyourcontentandsocialmediamarketing article
How to Coordinate Your Content Marketing With Social Media Successfully

Content marketing and social media are two distinct marketing channels that are intrinsically linked to one another and can have a profound impact on your business if used appropriately.

Quaeroview article
The Marketer's Guide to Monetizing on Mobile: Existing Barriers and ...

Engagement with content on mobile is at an all-time high across devices, but publishers are behind in monetizing this user behavior creating a wide gap between consumption and ad spend.

Bn da245 brianh d 20140530113549 article
Getting Your Message to the Mainstream with Content Marketing

The key benefit of content marketing in the context of startups is that it increases leverage and scales incredibly well. Startups typically aren’t just looking for the cheapest options — they’re looking for the most efficient options.

Results driven blogging article
The Results-Driven Approach To Blogging

Start blogging with purpose.

Authorcontent 798x310 article
Who Gets the Byline? How Brands Should Navigate Content Authorship

Its time for businesses to understand that the personal brands of their employees can directly impact the growth of their business.

Quicksprout content marketing article
The Marketer’s Approach to Balancing a Paid, Owned, and Earned Social Media Strategy

This framework is commonly referred to as the “paid, owned, earned” approach. The idea is essentially that all marketing falls into three different categories.

20150119203133 sunk boat article
Why Most Startups Fail

In this article I will highlight a few of these mistakes and how I believe they can best be remedied, overcome and/or prevented. In this way, your small business can survive past the vulnerable early startup period and ultimately go on to develop successfully.

1413842204 no money start business no problem article
Content Marketing on a Budget

Content marketing is not just a passing trend, it is here to stay.

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7 Ways to Attract More Attention on Pinterest

In this article you’ll discover seven ways to gain attention and engagement for your brand on Pinterest.

Contentmarketing1 798x310 article
How To Tackle Content Marketing On A Budget

If you follow a well thought out plan and adhere to it diligently, you can succeed at content marketing on nearly any budget.

Digital marketing audit article
Anatomy of a Perfect Digital Marketing Audit: 5 Steps to Audit Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2015

This article will attempt to outline a plan to help you objectively examine your online presence across multiple platforms and help you optimize your efforts using the latest tactics and best practices.

Bigstock press play music or video but 72668230 758x485 article
The Beginner’s Guide to Recycling and Repurposing Video Content

In this article I’ll show you how to repurpose a single piece of quality video content so it can be utilized across your other marketing channels and campaigns.

Womanreadingabookandcove 127223 758x485 758x310 article
How to Optimize Blog Design to Better Engage with Readers

When it comes to content marketing, creating engaging content always comes first. However, great content alone does not make a similarly great blog. Another key element to creating an engaging blog is focusing on great design and user experience.

Beyonce title image article
The Best Approach To Investing Time In New Social Networks

The accelerating rate of technological change results in an increasingly narrow window to embrace a social platform before it gets too crowded. While at the same time posing a risk that the platform you choose might get beaten out by a competitor.