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Brian Honigman is a content marketing consultant & CEO of Honigman Media -- Email:

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Riskier content marketing 1000 1 article

How to Be Riskier With Your Content Marketing Without Going Broke

Stay ahead of your competition by being willing to take more creative risks. Learn how to do it here like the pros without breaking your budget.

Forms cover article

How to Get Visitors to Fill Out Your Lead Forms

You’ve built the ideal lead form and landing page for your website, but what does it take to actually get visitors to take action and fill out the entire form?

20170607140823 gettyimages 507118706 article

Integrating Your Intuition as a Marketer with Relevant Data

Here are three ways to drive real results.

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The Leadership Gap That You and the World's Most Prominent CEOs Have in Common

Work issues are similar, whether you manage two or thousands.

Adobe spark article

How to Personalize Transactional Emails to Connect with Customers

Here’s how to strategically personalize the transactional emails sent to customers in a timely manner to achieve your goals.

Boss unsplash article
The Next Web

How to identify the gaps in your own leadership style

Here are her best tips for figuring out what your faults are as a leader, so you’re better equipped to address them.

Social media redo 1000 1 article

The Social Media REDO: How to Revitalize Your Sputtering Social Media Presence

Eventually everyone’s social media efforts plateau; what once worked doesn’t anymore. Learn how to re-energize your social media strategy whenever it begins to stall.

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The Next Web

Five Strategies for Differentiating Yourself as a Freelancer

Here are five examples of how to stand out as a freelancer.

20170504180434 gettyimages 112156707 article

No Time For Marketing? You Only Need 15 Minutes a Day.

Marketing is like exercising. The difference between doing nothing and just a little every day is cumulatively enormous.

Optimize voice search 1000 article

How to Optimize for Voice Search with Siri, Google Home, and Alexa

As voice search continues to grow in popularity, follow these tips to ensure you rank for important, relevant voice search queries.

14 tactics 1000 article

14 Underutilized Tactics for Promoting Content

Here are 14 unique tactics your business needs to implement when promoting content to boost awareness and engagement.

Upgrading approach 1000 2 article

Upgrading Your Approach to Sales With Content Marketing

Convert more qualified leads by integrating content marketing with your normal sales efforts.

Write like you talk header article

How to Write Like You Talk: Becoming a Relatable Writer

Unless you’re writing a scholarly essay, the way we’ve been taught to write in school is way too formal. I think this approach directly clashes with the way we read online, in a nutshell — it’s outdated.

This formalized writing style makes everyone’s sound the same when they write. Leaving less room for a person’s personality to shine through in their writing.

Let’s discuss why this is the wrong approach to writing and why it’s better to write like you talk to get your point across.

O employees facebook article

How to Avoid Stopping at 100 Employee Advocates

Engagement and advocacy programs are often designed to incentivize the participation of your employees, which only leads to activating a small group of about 100 advocates within a company that are likely already engaged.

Happy employees article

Tips for Fostering Employee Engagement for a Global Workforce

Employees want to feel connected to their work and their employer, but your corporate communications department must spearhead this effort on their behalf.