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Baby airbnb article
When Oversimplification Confuses Storytelling

Consumers and the media were in uproar last week over the seemingly confusing Airbnb ad released on July 14th titled ‘Is Mankind?’, saying it was creepy, confusing, disturbed, ambitious and more. The video as seen below, depicts a baby walking towards a doorway as a woman narrates, asking if mankind is kind and prompting viewers to find out.

640x0 article
How Your Organization Can Encourage Diversity In The Workplace With An Inclusion Program

Setting up an inclusion program can help your employees feel comfortable to be their full selves at work, while cultivating diversity at your company. In past roles, I’ve experienced what it is like to be in the closet at work and without a doubt it made me feel uncomfortable, stifling my growth as a professional.

Cater content for any channel article
The Savvy Marketer's Guide to Catering Content for Any Distribution Channel

One of the most important aspects to consider when distributing content is learning how you want your brand to be represented and how your content is going to affect your customer’s experience across multiple channels.

Scientific approach v3 article
Content Marketing Strategy: The Formula for Determining What Types of Content Resonate With Your Audience

In this article, I’ll explore a formulaic and scientific approach to determining the best possible content mix for your audience.

Right to promote article
Earning the Right to Promote Using Content Marketing

Content marketing can be incredibly effective at strengthening your brand, but it is not a promotional tool.

Twitter tweet tweet 02 article
Tweet Smarter: The Twitter Metrics That Matter Most

It’s no surprise that Twitter can be a powerful tool for your business to drive audience engagement, create customer dialogue, and ultimately increase the bottom line, but it can also be challenging to prove that your ongoing Twitter efforts are actually producing these optimal results.

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Addressing social issues article
Addressing Social Issues in Your Content Marketing

Controversial social issues can provide an opportunity for brands to increase the reach of their content marketing efforts since these topics affect mainstream culture at large, but require extra tact to execute properly. Even if a brand has the best intentions, campaigns can still go awry, here are a few examples of successes and failures when addressing social issues within your content marketing.

Content marketing mashup panel article
Content Marketing Done Right Requires Investment and Education

Content marketing is a complex undertaking, but as Reuters’ June 10 Content Marketing Mashup event showed, that hasn’t slowed buy-in from a majority of publishers and brands.

640x0 article
Introducing My Blog On LGBT Leadership

Here’s a little bit about who I am and what to expect from my new column on LGBT Leadership moving forward.

640x0 article
How To Come Out At Work: Lessons For LGBT Leadership

The right to marry a same sex partner in the U.S. is a fantastic development, but there are many more challenges ahead. You’re out in your personal life, but not at work and unfortunately this is commonplace as a leader in the business world.

Fanta printergram article
6 Interesting Ways to Encourage User Generated Content on Instagram

Learn from the following strategies and how these brands promoted and drove unique user generated content campaigns on Instagram to expand their content’s organic reach, increase social proof, and create visually compelling stories.

Jason k article
How to Not Screw Up Content Marketing at Your Event: Four Questions with Jason Keath

In our monthly Four Questions series, we ask industry leaders their opinion on what it takes to drive long-lasting results with content marketing. For the kick-off interview, we asked Jason Keath, the founder of the popular social media conference and blog, Social Fresh, to discuss how to not mess up the content marketing related to your company events, whether it’s a conference, panel or otherwise.

20150514143206 attention content marketers write amazing headline laptop computer screen writing article
A Simple Guide to Using Multiple Blogging Platforms in Your Content Strategy

How to port existing content from your blog and tailor it to each platform in order to maximize your content’s impact.

Workstation edit article
Challenges Facing Effective Identity Validation in Healthcare

The healthcare system has long faced issues with verifying identify across devices and processes, but today there are even more challenges to consider.

16471777477 c60890acc2 z1 article
Providing Better Diabetes Care with Mobile Access to Personal Data

To better improve care for those affected by this chronic disease, Samsung has partnered with Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, to provide more convenient and discreet solutions for diabetics.