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Brian Honigman is a content marketing consultant & CEO of Honigman Media -- Email:

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Screen shot 2016 01 23 at 5.57.37 pm article
5 Overlooked LinkedIn Tools for Higher Ed

LinkedIn has quickly evolved from being a social network for job seekers and recruiters to an expansive platform assisting professionals with every step in their careers, making it an ideal destination for universities as well.

2016 content strategy 01 article
What Your 2016 Content Strategy Needs

Content marketing for a new year and a new landscape.

20150819200953 hands on key board coffee house article
6 Predictions for Content Marketing in 2016

I want to begin this year by looking ahead towards the year to come and outlining six brand new content marketing predictions for 2016.

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How to Determine the Most Meaningful Content Marketing Metrics for Your Campaign

There is no such thing as a one-size fits all approach to measuring your content marketing efforts. Trying to apply the same three to five metrics per each campaign will result in a disjointed attempt at reaching your audience with content. Instead keep the following elements in mind when applying the right metrics to each of your initiatives.

When to call it quites on a social network2 article
When to Call It Quits on a Social Network

Your brand has invested considerable time and resources into a specific social network—whether that’s YouTube or Tumblr. But suddenly, you’ve hit a wall and just aren’t seeing any clear ROI.

2016 01 14 skittles native advertising article
Best Native Advertising of 2015

Although native advertising is not a new field, it is rapidly growing and evolving. 2015 proved to be a watershed year for this emerging discipline and the following are some prime examples of the increasing quality of work brands are achieving, and our votes for the best native advertising of 2015.

Screen shot 2015 12 17 at 5.51.12 pm 660x403 article
Here's Who Should Manage Employee Engagement at Your Organization

Employee engagement efforts have traditionally been the sole responsibility of the HR department, which is an ineffective approach as they are not communications experts and that is a key skillset for reaching your audience of employees.

2016 01 06 best branded content 2015 ikea article
Best Branded Content of 2015

Producing your own branded content has become an increasingly important method of reaching your customer base and providing value. Now many brands are following the leads of early pioneers like Redbull and are transforming themselves into dedicated content creators. Here are some powerful examples, and our choices for the best branded content from 2015.

Linkedin blunders1 article
Using LinkedIn for Masterful Content Marketing in 2016

Use LinkedIn more effectively to reach your target audience this year.

Instagram apps for business 01 article
Using the Instagram Suite of Apps for Business

Download these Instagram apps for business, and begin applying their offerings to your brand’s Instagram strategy. Get started by familiarizing yourself with each app’s content capabilities and best practices.

Istock 000019694628small cut out speech bubbles with hands article
How Communicators Can Bolster Employee Engagement

It's a vicious cycle: Workers are put off by stagnant newsletters and clunky intranets, so they tune out to the messages that might get them back on track. Break that spiral with these tips.

Humanize with livestream blab 01 article
Why Your Brand Should Invest in Blab

Founded in spring 2015 by the team responsible for the relaunch of Bebo—a visual social messaging platform scheduled for re-release in early 2016—Blab has been proving itself as a valuable tool for brands interested in entering the live-streaming space.

7 strategies boutique agencies guide insights 520x674 article
7 Strategies to Make Your Boutique Agency Stand Out

Social media may be your focus, but you’re up against some stiff competition in a pretty crowded space. If you run a lean-and-mean agency, it’s essential to outsmart the competition in the race to win new business—including more blue-chip clients. This free guide will show you how.

20151023195836 hands people woman working designer work collaboration leadership entrepreneurs article
How to Create Visual Content That Resonates With Your Audience

High-quality visuals are integral to any content marketing effort and this article will share some insight and strategic advice for incorporating amazing imagery into your content.

Linkedin cover 2016 article
Using LinkedIn for Masterful Content Marketing in 2016

Keeping with my recent end-of-year theme of refreshing well-received past posts, I’ve decided to provide a follow up for last year’s highly successful post 8 Ways to Better Market Yourself on LinkedIn in 2015.