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Valuable content marketing statistics article

This Year’s Need To Know Content Marketing Statistics & Facts

Content marketing done with purpose can help your company stand out for the right reasons, regardless of your size or budget. To succeed with content you’ve got to continue to grow as a marketer and adapt your skillset to stay ahead of the curve.

960x0 article

How To Be An LGBTQ Ally At Work

We’ve made major strides in recent years towards equality, but LGBTQ entrepreneurs and employees still face many roadblocks to success in the professional world.

Open door 1200x800 article

How To Find Like-Minded Mentors

Having mentors throughout your career is necessary for getting the motivation and feedback needed to take your approach to the next level, even more so as an entrepreneur.

Elevate your personal brand4 article

How to Elevate Your Personal Brand Using Social Media

Branding is not just for brands anymore. If you take your professional life seriously and want to compete for the top spot in your industry, you need to develop your own personal brand.

Screen shot 2016 06 17 at 6.39.11 pm article

Why Your Brand Should Create Its Own Influencer

Brands both large and small have come to terms with the fact that traditional media outreach alone no longer works. Many brands are now turning their focus towards influencers in order to reach their target audiences.

Recycle 5 article

Scale Down Your Content Production and Instead Repurpose

When it comes to content, your audience is never content. If it’s good, they want more; and if it’s not, they’ve got no time for you. Quality and quantity are both key. Unfortunately, the two are rather difficult to balance, which is where repurposing content comes into play.

Social lg article

How to Run a Successful National Snapchat Geofilter Campaign

In this article, I’ll explain why a wide-scale geofilters campaign is beneficial and how to strategize to ensure success with your efforts.

Chat app future 1 article

The Future of Social is Messaging Apps: How Do Brands Fit In

This article will highlight both the big-picture impact messaging apps will have on the marketing landscape and also highlight strategic and tactical takeaways brands can use to begin gaining an advantage on these promising platforms.

Adobe spark %283%29 article

How My Article Generated 1,500+ Social Shares, 80+ Links, & Ranked for Keywords on the First Page of Google

This case study will explore how this piece was written, promoted, and updated after it began to gain traction, as well as tips I used throughout the process. The goal is to apply our findings to your unique approach to your content marketing strategy to achieve your goals.

Instafilter header article

The Marketer's Guide to Instagram's New Algorithm

This post will explore what to be excited about, what to be concerned with and how to navigate the good and the bad of Instagram’s newest filter.

Middle 1 article

Practicing Moderation with Your Marketing & Why It Matters

It’s a problem when your marketing starts to feel too much like marketing. Really, marketing tends to backfire once your audience becomes aware of it.

The big flip article

The Big Flip: How Snapchat Reoriented Video Advertising

This article will illustrate the factors underlying this 90º rotation in viewing preferences, their practical implications for marketers and the larger lessons this shift can teach us about the norms and expectations of the temperamental digital audience.

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The Next Web

Overcoming the 'one-size-fits-all' marketing trap

People (especially business minded folks) crave simple, clear-cut answers.

When we are presented with a problem, the last thing we want is abstract principles that require thoughtful, diligent application. What we’re looking for is a prescription not a lifestyle change.

Jbkqtdvdht htmleditorimg article

Multichannel Differentiation: Lessons From Nordstrom

Take the following tips into consideration as you focus your marketing campaigns to encompass a multichannel strategy.

Resize sprout article

How to Easily Resize Images for the Seven Major Social Media Networks

Learn how Landscape is an effective and easy to use tool for quickly creating the right images for each of the major social media channels.