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What to Consider When Investing in Content Marketing for Existing vs. New Customers

When developing your content marketing strategy, plan to create content toward both your existing customers and prospective ones still learning about your company.

2017 content marketing predictions header article

6 Predictions on the Future of Content Marketing for 2015

Here are my six predictions on what will happen with content marketing in 2017.

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Jennifer Brown: Why Entrepreneurs Should Commit To Workplace Diversity Early On

I spoke with Brown to find out what entrepreneurs at growing businesses can do to encourage workplace inclusion from the start, how to drive more diverse talent into the hiring pipeline, ways leadership can encourage LGBTQ employees to find their voice at work and other techniques for fostering inclusion in business.

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Content Marketing With Music: Diversifying Beyond Words And Images

With 44.7% of marketers creating between two and five pieces of content each week, it is more difficult to get your messaging to stand out and connect with an audience.

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Worst Marketing Campaigns: When Content Marketing Goes Wrong

Learn where some of the worst marketing campaigns failed so your own content marketing efforts don’t end up struggling.

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Expert Holiday Marketing Ideas: Wrap Up the Sales Year With 12 Last-Minute Tactics

12 experts provide 12 last-minute holiday marketing ideas to give your sales a boost before year’s end.

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Content Marketing Without a Blog: Successful SEO With Other Written Content

Your company can still take advantage of content marketing even if you don’t have a blog. We’ll explain how to boost search rankings by focusing on other written content.

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Michaela Mendelsohn: How Her New Program Gets Transgender Professionals Hired

I spoke with her about her experiences as a trans business owner, what she’s hoping to accomplish with her program and what other entrepreneurs need to know to follow her lead when it comes to hiring.

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[YouTube SEO] 5 Steps to Rank in Search & Drive Traffic With YouTube Videos

Follow this suggested strategy to incorporate YouTube videos into your SEO approach to increase your company’s visibility, improve rankings, and generate relevant traffic.

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How to Personalize Your Content Like Amazon Does With Its Recommendations

To start catering your content to your audience effectively, let’s explore what Amazon does to succeed with personalization.

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[Meta Tags] How to Write Enthralling Title Tags That Increase CTR & Rankings

Design and optimize all of your title tags to boost click-through rate and search rankings by ensuring each one draws searchers’ attentions and accurately describes the webpage.

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Content Marketing for SEO: How to Best Serve Google & Your Customers

Consider both Google and your customers when developing your next content marketing plan to ensure it’s helpful to readers while also appearing high in search.

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Lessons In Corporate Philanthropy: Grindr Connects Nonprofits And LGBTQ Advocates With Tech Talent

Start investing in corporate philanthropy at your company by following these principles based on Grindr’s approach.

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The Quickest Way to Choose the Right Editorial Calendar Tool

Here’s the fastest way to determine whether a particular tool is suited to your objectives with content.

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How to Adapt Your SEO Strategy to Holiday Seasonality

Learn how to alter your SEO campaigns to account for the consistent trends and yearly nuances that occur each holiday season in any industry.