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Brian Honigman is a content marketing consultant & CEO of Honigman Media -- Email:

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How To Drive Quality Leads From Your Blog Content

Too often, marketers get caught up in buzzwords and one-off trends instead of really focusing on how their efforts are driving long-term results.

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SAP Business Innovation

How To Become The Content Innovator At Your Organization

Take this approach to managing content at your organization.

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4 Ways To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is a necessity for your business to survive for the long-term. Today’s consumer expects a quality experience when they pay for a product or service, otherwise they’ll take their business elsewhere.

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SAP Business Innovation

How to Move Past Creating Content for Early-Stage Buyers

Two of the biggest issues content marketers face are creating content that appeals to deeper-level leads across the marketing funnel as opposed to early-stage prospects, and creating content genuinely interesting, quality content that goes beyond talking about their companies’ product offerings.

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How to Develop a Winning LinkedIn Publishing Strategy

Make the most of the experience your organization is having on LinkedIn.

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How to Create and Use Buyer Personas

What it takes to develop accurate buyer personas for your business.

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How to Create a Sales Funnel with Facebook Ads

Creating a sales funnel on Facebook doesn't have to be difficult.

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How to Keep a Reader Engaged with Your Blog Posts

Use the following tips to make your blog content more readable and reduce content fatigue.

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The Guide To Creating Shareable Content On Google+

The guide to properly optimizing your Google+ content for sharability, readability and consumption.