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How To Avoid Being Lazy with Your Customer Service on Twitter

What not to do when trying to solve your customer’s problems on Twitter.

How to quit job article

10 Reasons To Quit Your Job

It's time to quit your job and begin your career. The first article on my success column in Medium.

Walking article

3 Reasons to Take a Walk for Your Next Meeting

After watching this TED Talk with Nilofer Merchant , I wanted to share her findings on how sitting everyday is terrible for us.

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What the Amish Can Teach You About Refreshing Yourself

Lessons from the Amish: How to refresh your mind, body and soul.

Stringio article

How Millennials are Shopping: 20 Interesting Statistics & Figures

Millennials or Generation Y are defining the way in which the global marketplace is heading, here are 20 stats that help define common shopping habits of this generation.

Cocktails article

The Cocktail for Success: Confidence & Fear

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” That couldn’t be any more accurate.

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124 Fascinating Social Media Statistics & Figures From 2013

The marketers guide to the social web in 2014....

Open uri20140303 1671 7xziux article

How Marketers Can Build Thought Leadership

Grow your personal brand & add to the discourse....

Open uri20140303 1671 1bpy4pn article

How Millennials are Shopping: 20 Interesting Statistics & Figures

Looking for continued success with your customers? Start reading up on Generation Y....