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Brian Honigman is a content marketing consultant & CEO of Honigman Media -- Email:

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10 Google+ Circles Marketers Should Follow

Follow these Google+ circles for insights about marketing, technology, digital branding, social media, and blogging.

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4 Ecommerce Experiences to Learn From

Here are four instances of innovative ecommerce experiences your business can learn from.

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Maximize Your Brand's Relevance With Facebook Post Targeting

Facebook marketers know the value of personalizing information. Here are 4 strategies for better targeting on Facebook.

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9 Ways to Add LinkedIn to Your Company Website

Adding LinkedIn's social features to a company website is a great way to tap into the large-scale recruitment platform. Here are the nine key plugins.

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5 Ways to Market Your Brand With Location-Based Networks

If your marketing plan includes location-based networks, here are 5 ways to get started.

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5 Ways Brands Can Shine on Viddy

There are many brands utilizing the Viddy platform using a variety of strategies. Here are some of the best methods.

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How to Use Facebook for Pseudo A/B Testing

A company Facebook Page offers a unique opportunity to run an A/B test on a website's offering quickly and with little cost. Here's how.

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HOW TO: Manage Social Media Accounts for Multiple Clients

As an agency that manages social clients, understanding how to keep social media accounts streamlined and organized is important for the continued success of your projects.