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How Businesses Can Take Action To Support The LGBTQ Community

How Businesses Can Take Action To Support The LGBTQ...

Jennifer brown author article

Jennifer Brown: Why Entrepreneurs Should Commit To Workplace Diversity Early On

I spoke with Brown to find out what entrepreneurs at growing businesses can do to encourage workplace inclusion from the start, how to drive more diverse talent into the hiring pipeline, ways leadership can encourage LGBTQ employees to find their voice at work and other techniques for fostering inclusion in business.

Michaela mendelsohn 3 article

Michaela Mendelsohn: How Her New Program Gets Transgender Professionals Hired

I spoke with her about her experiences as a trans business owner, what she’s hoping to accomplish with her program and what other entrepreneurs need to know to follow her lead when it comes to hiring.

Hack4equalityblackbg article

Lessons In Corporate Philanthropy: Grindr Connects Nonprofits And LGBTQ Advocates With Tech Talent

Start investing in corporate philanthropy at your company by following these principles based on Grindr’s approach.

Jenn t grace article

Jenn T. Grace: Tips For Marketing To LGBTQ Consumers

I spoke with Grace about what suggestions she had for marketers and brands alike when advertising to the LGBTQ consumer based off her experience.

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How To Be An LGBTQ Ally At Work

We’ve made major strides in recent years towards equality, but LGBTQ entrepreneurs and employees still face many roadblocks to success in the professional world.

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How To Find Like-Minded Mentors

Having mentors throughout your career is necessary for getting the motivation and feedback needed to take your approach to the next level, even more so as an entrepreneur.

Jo na williams photo1 article

Jo-Ná Williams: How Artists And Entertainers Can Build A Business Around Their Craft

Learn how artists can better educate themselves on what it takes to grow a business and what inspired her to launch a podcast focused on solving this issue.

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Peche Di: How She Started New York's First Transgender Modeling Agency

Learn about her journey as an entrepreneur trying to traverse the not always welcoming fashion industry in the interview below.

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Shangela: RuPaul's Drag Race Star Builds Business From Show's Exposure

Being on a reality TV show, getting interviewed by a well-trafficked blog or landing some other type of major publicity alone doesn’t guarantee a successful career or a thriving business.

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The Benefits & Process Of Becoming A Certified LGBT-Owned Business

Here are some of the benefits of certifying your business as LGBT-owned, as well as how to approach the process of certification.

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How Your Organization Can Encourage Diversity In The Workplace With An Inclusion Program

Setting up an inclusion program can help your employees feel comfortable to be their full selves at work, while cultivating diversity at your company. In past roles, I’ve experienced what it is like to be in the closet at work and without a doubt it made me feel uncomfortable, stifling my growth as a professional.

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Introducing My Blog On LGBT Leadership

Here’s a little bit about who I am and what to expect from my new column on LGBT Leadership moving forward.

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How To Come Out At Work: Lessons For LGBT Leadership

The right to marry a same sex partner in the U.S. is a fantastic development, but there are many more challenges ahead. You’re out in your personal life, but not at work and unfortunately this is commonplace as a leader in the business world.

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3 Ways Emerging Technology Is Changing How CIOs Do Business

The explosion of the use of mobile devices, the cloud and other emerging technologies in the workplace has greatly affected the day-to-day responsibilities of a CIO.