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Brian Honigman is a content marketing consultant & CEO of Honigman Media -- Email:

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Facebook Video vs. YouTube: Maximizing Results in the Evolving Media Landscape

Facebook Video vs. YouTube: How marketers should approach the video platforms.

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8 Ways To Better Market Yourself On LinkedIn In 2015

Use LinkedIn propel your career to the next level in 2015.

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How to Levarage Google+ & Pinterest Search for Long-Term Impact

Leverage these forms of social search for long-term results.

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The Key Components of a Content Manager’s Editorial Calendar

This post will show you how to take a lowly blank spreadsheet and turn it into your content marketing’s key strategic source.

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6 Predictions On The Future Of Content Marketing For 2015

What's ahead with content marketing in 2015.

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5 Social Brands That Defy Best Practices

Know the rules, then bend them to work for you.

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3 Lessons Learned From Musicians Rocking Social Media

This article will highlight three artists that have responded to this trend with such impressive efforts that all social media marketers could learn a thing or two from them.

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60 Must-Read Marketing, Business & Social Media Blogs for 2015

There are many blogs about all aspects of digital marketing and business out there. In this list I took it upon myself to cut through the noise and round up the 60 best blogs that you should be reading going into 2015.

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The Ultimate Guide To Content Syndication: More Content In Less Time

Creators of content that has wide appeal and popularity extend the lifespan and reach of this content by allowing other publications to publish this content on their own site.

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Key Considerations for Businesses Scaling Their Mobile App Ads

What it takes to begin scaling your mobile app ads without losing quality in the audience you're reaching.

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10 Surprising Twitter Stats for Community Managers

Helpful insights into how to better use Twitter for business.

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How to Make a Call-to-Action More Effective in Your Blog Posts

Often overlooked as a minor detail, the call-to-action included in each and every article on your blog is vital to driving results from your efforts.

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7 Best Practices for Using GIFs & Cinemagraphs for Business

Here are seven best practices for using GIFs and cinemagraphs for your brand.

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The 4 Ingredients That Make an Effective Meme

Here are the 4 ingredients necessary to create a successful meme for your business.

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How To Avoid Being Lazy with Your Customer Service on Twitter

Bad customer experiences are bound to happen even with the best companies, but what’s most important is how these issues are handled by the organization.