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How Media Managers Can Scale Their Mobile App Ads

The media manager’s role is in a state of flux due to the growing prevalence of mobile, video and social advertising as a part of day-to-day responsibilities.

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The Toolkit for Mobile Ad Buyers: Steps to Scaling Your Advertising on Mobile

Here are four considerations for mobile ad buyers when trying to grow their advertising campaigns.

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3 Smart Decisions to Make Before Advertising on Facebook

Before deciding to advertise on Facebook, decide upon your objectives, understand how to adapt your messaging and choose where you’d like to reach users in the conversion funnel.

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Developing a Pay-to-Play Strategy: How to Create a Balanced Facebook Publishing Schedule with Organic and Paid Content

Here’s what it takes to properly balance your Facebook strategy to better incorporate organic and paid content.

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10 Must-Haves for Your Social Advertising Partner

Take the following considerations into mind before making a decision and allocating a portion of your marketing budget.

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eBook: Generate Leads and Revenue from Facebook and Twitter

How to turn Facebook and Twitter into lead generation tools.

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5 Steps to More Effective YouTube Video Ads

A guide to effectively running a campaign with YouTube video ads.

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10 Lessons Learned from Mobile Innovators

To best reach your customers on mobile, look to the companies innovating across different industries to see what they’re doing today and how your company can learn from their success for the future.

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30 Tools Senior Marketers Can Use to Keep Pace with Technology

Use the following tools to keep pace with the advances in technology as it pertains to marketing.

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10 Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help Justify Your Budget

Mobile statistics to help support your budget decisions.

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How to Create Outstanding Content like Jimmy Kimmel

There are four strong lessons your business can learn about his show’s content.

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How to Choose the Right Call-To-Action For Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

It may seem like a simple strategy to use calls-to-action, or CTA, that match the specifics of your Facebook advertising campaigns, but you’d be surprised at how often organizations mess up this vital part of the process.

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Why Advertisers Should Target Personas, Not Segments, with Facebook Ads

It’s a misconception among advertisers and media buyers alike that they should be targeting different audience segments when using the advanced targeting features available from the Facebook platform.

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[EBOOK] 10 Ways Advertisers Can Use Facebook to Convert Customers

A guide to using Facebook advertising to effectively reach and convert your audience on the social network.

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10 Tips for Delivering World Class Community Management

The steps necessary to deliver a world class experience to your customer base through effective community management.