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Social customer care across networks.001 1 article

How to Implement Social Customer Care Across Networks

Across social channels, 7 in 8 messages to brands go unanswered within 72 hours. This is a giant missed opportunity for businesses to respond to customer inquiries, solve challenges and develop long-term relationships.

Market research.001 article

Turning Social Data Into Actionable Business Results

Collect informed analytics by having a clear understanding of what tools are available and what strategies tend to be most effective.

Snapchat increase engagement 01 article

Engagement on Snapchat With Story Replies

The network’s recent extension of the chat feature, known as Story Replies, is another untapped opportunity for large organizations to connect with followers on a one-on-one level.

2016 content strategy 01 article

What Your 2016 Content Strategy Needs

Content marketing for a new year and a new landscape.

When to call it quites on a social network2 article

When to Call It Quits on a Social Network

Your brand has invested considerable time and resources into a specific social network—whether that’s YouTube or Tumblr. But suddenly, you’ve hit a wall and just aren’t seeing any clear ROI.

Instagram apps for business 01 article

Using the Instagram Suite of Apps for Business

Download these Instagram apps for business, and begin applying their offerings to your brand’s Instagram strategy. Get started by familiarizing yourself with each app’s content capabilities and best practices.

Humanize with livestream blab 01 article

Why Your Brand Should Invest in Blab

Founded in spring 2015 by the team responsible for the relaunch of Bebo—a visual social messaging platform scheduled for re-release in early 2016—Blab has been proving itself as a valuable tool for brands interested in entering the live-streaming space.

7 strategies boutique agencies guide insights 520x674 article

7 Strategies to Make Your Boutique Agency Stand Out

Social media may be your focus, but you’re up against some stiff competition in a pretty crowded space. If you run a lean-and-mean agency, it’s essential to outsmart the competition in the race to win new business—including more blue-chip clients. This free guide will show you how.

Facebook long notes 01 article

Blogging on Facebook: The Impact of Long-Form Notes

Facebook Notes recently got a face-lift. The enhanced feature now looks similar to Medium blogging but offers a more powerful way to reach a wider audience through access to Facebook’s massive, built-in user base.

Thoughtful gifs article

The Thoughtful Way to Use GIFs for Your Brand

Using GIFs as part of your social media strategy.

User generated content builds brands 01 article

A Guide to User-Generated Content

Using UGC to reach more customers.

When not to use snapchat2 article

When Not to Use Snapchat

Here are a few of the instances when it is inappropriate for your business to use Snapchat.

Measuring social team member effectiveness 1 article

Measuring Social Team Member Effectiveness

An often neglected way of measuring the success of your social media marketing efforts is looking at the contributions of each team member.

Experimenting on new networks 01 article

Experimenting on New or Niche Social Channels

A new social platform “worth trying out” launches every month. While that may be exciting for many social media managers, it also comes with a big challenge: deciding whether to invest time and resources into experimenting with something entirely new while not diverting too much attention away from your existing audiences.

Periscope graph article

Periscope Marketing Tips From Broadcast Pros

Live streaming video is being hailed as the next big thing in social media marketing—and with good reason. Since Periscope, owned by Twitter, launched earlier this year, it has reached more than 10 million accounts and is seeing 40+ years of video being watched on its network each day.