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2016 01 14 skittles native advertising article

Best Native Advertising of 2015

Although native advertising is not a new field, it is rapidly growing and evolving. 2015 proved to be a watershed year for this emerging discipline and the following are some prime examples of the increasing quality of work brands are achieving, and our votes for the best native advertising of 2015.

2016 01 06 best branded content 2015 ikea article

Best Branded Content of 2015

Producing your own branded content has become an increasingly important method of reaching your customer base and providing value. Now many brands are following the leads of early pioneers like Redbull and are transforming themselves into dedicated content creators. Here are some powerful examples, and our choices for the best branded content from 2015.

Tacobellnew1 article

Using Social Media to Scale Your Content Marketing

Beyond being a communications tool in its own right, social media has the unique ability to leverage your existing content.

Jet blue article

Challenge Norms To Create Insightful Branded Content

Consider directly refuting the norms that your audience views as standard, thereby developing a unique opinion to help your content stand out amongst other mediocre content available.

Gi joe a real american hero 16 article

Content Partnerships: How Hasbro & Marvel Comics Built the G.I. Joe Brand

Consider a partnership based around content to help build your brand by following in the footsteps of what Hasbro and Marvel Comics did to build interest in the G.I. Joe line of toys.

Narcos x neflix 1 article

Telling a Cohesive Brand Story Across Different Content Formats

Another success in their series of wins with native advertising, Netflix just launched a native campaign with WSJ to promote their new series Narcos, the activation features multiple articles and formats of content like a maps, graphs and a quiz to help illustrate the story behind the series.

Content marketing world article

Key Takeaways from Content Marketing World

If you didn’t make it to Content Marketing World this year, there were a lot of worthwhile moments to take note of like the key challenges faced by content marketers, how employees are using content on behalf of their brand and what brands need to do to take the quality of their content to the next level.

Mean joe green hed 2 2015 article

Creating Evergreen Content with Staying Power

Coca-Cola re-aired a famous TV commercial of theirs from the 1980’s during this year’s Nascar coverage, providing content marketers with a leading example on how to best develop content with staying power that’s relevant regardless of the time frame.

Dorie image article

Betting on Content in the Presidential Election: Four Questions with Dorie Clark

In our monthly Four Questions series, we ask industry leaders their opinion on what it takes to drive long-lasting results with content marketing. For our latest interview, we asked Dorie Clark, branding expert, author of Stand Out and former New Hampshire Communications Director for Howard Dean during his run for president, her thoughts on how candidates today in the current presidential election are using content to best reach the electorate and engage them effectively.

The distance podcast article

Top Content Marketing Moments in August

Here are some of the best content marketing moments from August 2015, the 2nd installment of our monthly series on great content campaigns.

Maxresdefault article

Did That Influencer Partnership Improve Your Content?

The short answer is maybe, it just depends if you’ve got the right person that aligns with your brand, messaging and audience.

Mise en sce ne avec le guide rouge 1900 history media carousel article

How Michelin Guides Have Provided Valuable Content for Over 100 Years

Most people don’t realize that the system that rates restaurants as fancy or super fancy with a Michelin Star, is actually run by Michelin, the tire company, and that’s because their content marketing is purely value driven, not promotional.

Brian fanzo article

Livestreaming Your Content for People to People Connections: Four Questions with Brian Fanzo

I asked Brian Fanzo, Partner and Chief Digital Strategist at Broadsuite, @iSocialFanz on Twitter and live streaming advocate, to discuss how brands can build relationships with live streaming apps like Meerkat, Periscope, Facebook Live Video and others. resize article

Top Content Marketing Moments in July: Serving Millennials Emojis, GIFs and a Funny Tumblr

Here are some of the best content marketing moments from July 2015, the 2nd installment of our monthly series on great content campaigns.

Chipotle game article

Gamifying Your Message

Certain topics and messaging can be boring or too heavy if presented in the wrong light, so Chipotle created an original game, along the lines of their first game, as part of a larger content push to drive more attention to the restaurant chain’s use of natural ingredients as compared to their competitors’ food recipes.